Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Squeaky Shoes!!

Our new shipment of squeaky shoes and sandals has arrived, and boy, are they cute! What are squeaky shoes you ask? Well these shoes actually squeak with each step your child takes. You will always know where your little one is, and they will be so entertained by the sound they make as they walk. But don't worry, the squeakers can easily be removed by an adult if the sound starts to make you a little crazy. You can always put the squeaker back in whenever you want. You can check out all our styles at As a treat for all of you who checked out this blog we are giving you a $3 discount on the first pair of shoes you buy. When you are checking out, just enter the coupon code SqueakyShoes and the discount will be taken care of for you. (The coupon code is case sensitive). Happy Shopping!